P.O.S. or not P.O.S. That’s the question.

My rockstar is working on my POS car. What a sweety. Of course, I myself don’t really call it that, because it is paid for and gets me where I want to go- isn’t that what a car is supposed to do? Anyway, my Cougar has a dent the size of Texas in the side of it from my ex-husband (who never looked before he backed up into my cars) and because my Rockstar likes shiny new things- he has decided that my car is a heap. Oh, well. It’s not like I can afford a NICE car. After 12 years of having vehicle payments I could never afford, if my car doesn’t blow smoke or is falling apart on the highway, I shall continue to be thankful for a car that is paid off. And especially since I have a hunny who will work on it… HEEHEE. I suppose I shall go help him get the thing off of the other thing, since he probably doesn’t know what he’s doing. Tra-la-la goodbye!

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