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The End of the Rainbow

Happy Tuesday, my Lovelys! I am sure a few of you missed me a tad whilst I was away these past 2 days. At least I hope so!

So I suppose Labor Day is to be my Rockstar’s and my special day. We’ve been dating almost 2 years and the only tradition I can think of that we’ve started is both of us having Labor Day off. It also has happened to be that we have been sans his child both years. Last year, we froze our asses off watching late model car races in the frozed windy plains of Northern Minnesota. At least we won’t forget it. This year, we found ourselves pretty much too broke to do much on our day of Non-Labor, but my guy wanted to use up the last of his race gas riding dirt bike, so I said I would go with him. Of course, watching him ride dirt bike is not the top thing I love to do on my day off, but I brought a book, and that IS on the top of my list, so it worked out. We left home relatively early (7:00 AM) and it was very foggy. The road we take to get to the dirt track is pretty hilly, and we saw the weirdest thing. As we were driving, my Rockstar pointed out he had better drive slow because the mist was so thick, when we looked in front of us at the top of the hill and saw where the fog ended. We weren’t dying, and yet we saw the light at the end of the tunnel. The sun was so incredibly bright it seemed as though we were driving out from The Underworld into the Light. Anyhoo, we kept driving, and I proceeded to serenade my Rockstar with my stellar singing voice. (haha) It was the morning, so he was very talkative, since he is one of those crazy Morning People. He is very like a car running out of gas, because as the day goes on he gets tired and starts not talking. So as I was singing and he was blabbing, I looked at saw another bright light. (This may seem strange that I am so obssessed with the natural lighting of the world, but I painted clouds once, and they turned out very nicely, so I notice the sky alot now.) This bright light seemed like a beam of light just shining down minding its own business,  and I started looking around trying to figure out where it was coming from. I looked out the car window and saw a rainbow of light. Seriously. It didn’t have any color, but it was a perfect bow of colorlessness. The most amazing thing is that we drove right through the end of it. We didn’t find a pot of gold, or a leprachaun, and nothing truly amazing happened, but I DID think, “Hey. This is pretty Perfect. It’s a beautiful day out and I’m with someone who wants to talk to me and doesn’t care if I want to sing to crappy Prince music.”

Later on, my Rockstar said I should make an apple pie, since his work has 4 apple trees. Aright, I’ve made apple pies that have not been completely disastrous. I didn’t have a recipe, so I found one online (thank God for internet!) and started peeling. Now I haven’t mentioned it yet, but my guy tends to be very opinionated and picky when it comes to how I cook, and this time was no exception. He started reading the recipe and said, “This isn’t how I do it.” NO! To any guy that may read this, if you ask your girlfriend to make a pie, or change your tire, or wipe your ass, it is NOT ok to give your opinion on how you would do it unless you are asked. Being the histrionic that I am, this comment was not well received. I said, “Well, if you want a frickin’ pie the way you make it, YOU should make it.” He put me in a bad mood. But I pointed out that he needs to appreciate my efforts, even if they don’t necessarily turn out. The night ended with me falling asleep as he held my hand, (which is really all I want.) And for the record, I made a kick-ass pie. I guess my point is, things aren’t perfect all the time, but you really should appreciate the times when they are. Or as my idol Dolly Parton says, “If you want rainbows, I guess sometimes you just gotta put up with the rain.”

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