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Damn the Man.

Hello, My Lovelys. I’m sorry today shall not be a day of profound writing for me. Today shall be a bitch session, and I’m sure someone will relate.

So my Boss is a royal pain in the ass. To give a little background, he is the brother-in-law of the man who owns my bookstore, and he got hired as the manager here because he was jobless and the owner didn’t want his nephews and nieces to starve. So, in other words, he has no qualifications that make him worthy of working in a bookstore, let alone of being the manager of people. Now, it is not entirely challenging to tell customers where books are, but if a person doesn’t read, I believe they lack a certain something that is beneficial in this area of customer service. My boss believes that if he doesn’t read a certain genre of book, then nobody else is going to read it either. And as he primarily reads books on religion, and pages through books about sexual self-help, you can see where this thinking is slightly absurd. I am at my bookstore EVERY day, and I see what people buy. He is here for a mere fraction of that time. And does it not speak for itself when customers come in when he is here and I am not and they ask, “OH! Where is that cute girl that knows all about books?” Alas, these statements have not yet afforded me a raise, mainly because I almost made my Boss cry last week when I told him to do his fucking job. (That being actually managing people.) To which he replied, “I’m not that kind of manager.” WTF. Oh, I am so angry right now, I have to be done. To anyone who has ever wanted to stab their boss in the head- I salute you.

P.S. One of my awesome customers complimented me on my 5″ satin fuschia stilettos. At least there is one kind soul in this world.


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