A Chance To Dress Up

I have decided to post twice today, as I will be gone this weekend, and so I know you will miss me.

It is a grand tradition at my Rockstar’s work to have an annual Holiday Party. In past years, the party has been accompanied by a hefty bonus check for each employee. Sadly, in the last few years, the bonus has been replaced with a better Holiday Party and fishing shirts embroidered with the company logo. This may be the reason why my Rockstar is so bitter about about this year’s festivities. I shall elaborate…

The boss decided to have the party early this year, so next week, he is paying for an all-inclusive night at a bed-and-breakfast, complete with a Mystery Dinner for all his employees. (I believe this is at least partly because he doesn’t want my drunken crazy self anywhere near his house like last year.) When my Rockstar found out, he came home and slammed his lunchbox down and said, “Look at this stupid bull-shit he’s got planned.” I read the brochure, and being the up-beat, fly-by-my-seat gal that I am, exclaimed what fun it would be. My Rockstar said we weren’t going. I was sad.

A while later, he told me he had, in fact, signed us up to go. I was ecstatic, as any excuse to wear heels NOT to work is cause to celebrate. I asked what I should wear, and my Rockstar, knowing me as he does, to;d me, “You don’t have to dress like a prom queen.” Boo.

A week ago, we received invitations suggesting attire. I have been selected to play a bookish Agatha Christie- type, and was told to wear a long flowing dress. As I, like any other girl, looked into my closet and saw nothing to wear, I went to the store and found a last-year’s prom dress for $10. What luck! I brought it home and swished it around excitedly for my Rockstar. His response? “I already told you not to dress up.”

Now dressing the part is not mandatory, but if you get the chance, why wouldn’t you? In the least, I would have expected him to be thrilled to show off his much-younger girlfriend (me) in a long flowy gown complete with DDD’s. Wouldn’t you? So the question is, do I be the fun, fashionable girl I am and wear my fabulous dress when it sounds like most people AREN”T dressing up?


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10 responses to “A Chance To Dress Up

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  2. I shall have to remind myself to ask you about this…

  3. ipegasus

    Um…perhaps look pretty, but tone it down. <-I think that's what he's trying to say. Don't go over-the-top, he doesn't want you to take this event too seriously, because he's not going to. Yeah, I'd just keep it cool. Keep the heels. Maybe not the prom dress so much…just my opinion.

  4. I can’t help you with fashion. I’m outta my league!

  5. “any excuse to wear heels NOT to work is cause to celebrate” – at last someone feels the same way as I.
    Oh & like the commenter above – the dress is to die for!
    Best x

  6. I know I joke about being a man but I looove that dress! I worked for years at Victoria’s Secret, so I think I have every article of clothing (or underclothing) that they ever made. Honestly, my favorite color is pink.

    I wish there was a way for adults to have a prom. I know I’d go!

    • I know! Sadly, my parents believed prom was the beginning of everything devil-related, so I didn’t get to go. I plan on throwing a prom some day, and you are SO invited!
      P.S, Victoria’s Secret is the devil. My $2800 credit limit for there is proof.

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