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Thought # 8

When a man walks in dragging three toddlers and a baby seat, I think his T-shirt that says, “Overworked and Underfucked” no longer applies…


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Pros and Cons of a Friday

Here’s a list of Pros and Cons of my day so far:

Pro: I have very smooth shaven legs today.

Con: I had to waste time shaving my legs.

Pro: Devina, the very nice T-Mobile associate I spoke to this morning, told me I had nothing to worry about when I asked her to make sure my service wasn’t disconnected today because of non-payment.

Con: I have gut rot today.

Pro: I got to see a beauteous GT Mustang on my way to work.

Con: I got to sit in traffic and breath in fresh tar fumes on my way to work.

Pro: It’s Pay Day!

Con: After I pay my bills, I will have no money left.

Pro: I’m wearing comfy yoga pants that make my butt look cute. (I think.)

Con: Sadly, heels don’t go with yoga pants, so I’m wearing non-cute shoes today.

Pro: Optimus Prime looks very “Optimum” on my Transformers T-shirt due to the extra sweater meat I possess.

Con: When I put my Transformers T-shirt on today, I was dismayed to see that it has acquired a tiny hole. (I wore it anyway.)

Pro: I got to jam out to ACDC’s Shook Me All Night Long on the way to work.

Con: The middle-aged paunchy man in the scary white van next to me was watching me jam out to ACDC’s Shook Me All Night Long.

Pro: My Rockstar bought me a lovely Cold Stone Creamery cake for my birthday last night. (What a honey!)

Con: My Rockstar is working over-time, so I didn’t get morning sex today. (Boo. Friday morning sex is our thing.)

Pro: I got a free large pizza coupon last night for completing my orientation as a Pizza Slut.

Con: If I order my free pizza today at work, I will eat it. All.

Pro: I was going to send my Rockstar a very fun nudey text to brighten his day.

Con: I realized I deleted all my fun nudey pics from my phone.

Have a Happy Friday, my Lovelys! XOXO



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