Do I Have That “Thing”?

No, this is not a post to declare to the world that I possess a penis, because I certainly do NOT, and anyway, if I did, I would know it and wouldn’t be asking you people. This is a simply a post to wonder about what gives someone that special “something”, that je ne se qua, that x-factor, that makes them irrestistable to people?

My first example would have to be Marilyn Monroe. Who in the world (at least the world not including third-world countries) does not recognize that sexual icon who was the first to grace the cover of Playboy? Hef obviously thought Marilyn had “it”. John Dougherty, Joe DiMaggio, Arthur Miller, Marlon Brando, and John and Robert (Kennedy) obviously agreed. From everything I’ve read, she was a sweety who just wanted to be loved, so was that the “thing”? Or was it the fact that she wasn’t a size zero and had some nice sweater meat? Because it certainly wasn’t her acting ability that was “it”.

Next on my list is Megan Fox. (Here I would like to state that Megan Fox is completely lovely, but there are many others I would put on the most beautiful list first.) Does anybody (men) remember anything else about the original Transformers movie? My Rockstar certainly doesn’t. I think it’s safe to say that Megan has quite a following, even though she does half-assed movies where she is a circus freak with wings(Passion Play), and bizarre movies where she eats dudes, (Jennifer’s Body, which WAS written hilariously), and so I ask, is it because pretty much the first glimpse the world got was of her bending over a shitty Camaro? I wonder. (Do her creepy toe thumbs mean NOTHING to you people?!)

Angelina. Yes, Ok, so I’ve mentioned Angelina before, and from asking around, most men find her a bit scary and NOT possessing of the “Thing”. But she DID become somewhat of an icon, whether you want to admit it or not. So I think she has “it”. (Perhaps it is due to the stellar sex scenes she did in Original Sin and Taking Lives.) And sadly, for whatever reason I cannot upload a pic of Angelina for you.

Chris Meloni has that “Thing”. And I don’t know what it is.








Anyhoo, I got to thinking about this whole je ne se qua thing because I’ve had my share of followers (mainly the desperate and eerie) and I don’t really understand why. I admit that I’m not the ugliest ape in the zoo, but I am far, far from the prettiest. I am absolutely NOT photogenic, so I don’t fit in with the 4 lovelies I’ve mentioned above, and I can be quite lippy, so I wouldn’t think most men would appreciate that either. This may sound completely presumptuous and full of myself, but when my new boss Christophe tell me I “ooze sex appeal”, I’m going to wonder what made him say that. It may be the fact that “oozing” anything makes me sound like I suffer from a venereal disease, but I just really would like to know what gives someone, the “Thing”, because I would never in a million years say I have “it”. If you ask me, the only thing I’ve got is a pair of DDD’s.


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19 responses to “Do I Have That “Thing”?

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  2. One of my friends, Jess has “it” and I am still going nuts trying to figure out what “it” is….

  3. ipegasus

    It’s confidence. Or perceived confidence. I think so.

    • ipegasus

      Actually, now that i’ve bothered to look at the previous comments, I agree with John. “It” is different for every person. It’s this attribute that makes a person intriguing and attractive. I do think for a lot of women, it is their confidence, but that’s not the only x-factor out there.

  4. I know what the hidden thing is because I have it as well. Here’s the secret:

    Our pheromones come with a turbo charger.

  5. Megan Fox has weird thumbs. Make it a point to notice.

    “IT” is different for every person. All I know about it is that when you see it you know it.

  6. Debbie

    To “know” how everything works doesn’t make you wiser, but it does take away the mystery and the enchantment.

    You do have brains and you are intelligent. Why do you have to know everything to prove it? Comments and accusations of dumb-assedness usually comes from self-centered folks with low self-esteem; they have no choice but to belittle so that they have someone to look over.

  7. Bumps, ok I have to vote here: Megan Fox and Angelina … *yawn.* Maralyn, yes, definitely. Then there’s my wife, Salma Hayek, Raquel Welch (still!)… I could go on.

    The most important “it” thing a woman can posess to me is is brains, and not necessarily college-educated ones. That means you have it if you decide you do.

    • Salma Hayek, yes! And U should post a picture of your wife so I can check….And yes, I don’t get the whole Megan Fox thing. I DO have brains, but my Rockstar accuses me of dumb-assedness sometimes….

  8. Debbie

    Why analyze it so? If you have “it”, as others will tell you, enjoy it! Celebrate who you are, appreciate the ones that enjoy you and laugh at the ones who don’t …. as you walk away from them.

    • I do all those things, and I analyze it so because it bothers me when I don’t “get” stuff. I think myself to be a highly intelligent individual, so I should know why! But really, if I DO have the “thing”, it’s exhausting….

  9. But WHAT hidden something?! What spiritualism?! It bothers me so that I don’t know what “it”!

  10. I remember over a decade ago, when I worked in my video store, a woman came in, now she came in weekly. She was nothing to look at, she was about 1 ft smaller than me and about 30 years older than me (I was about 24) She had fake blond hair and wasnt really anything at all to think ‘oh shes nice’ (not saying that to be mean there is a point to it all)

    She asked me for a film recommendation so I did as I always did to people and what was go on the shop floor and start to talk them through the films that were good and the films that were not.
    Now I was standing many 10 inches away from this woman and it hit me like a wave. A really strong desire to just leap on this woman, I felt pure attraction for some wierd reason.
    I didnt do anything or say anything as it really didnt make sense. I didnt find her attractive, I didnt know her. But yet for some reason she had ‘it’ and the ‘it’ was some sort of aura.
    It proved to me that the ‘it’ factor isnt a nice smile, or a look or sometimes even a personality. Its something so hidden so spiritual or something like that. Thats my ten cents worth for your wonderful blog.

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