Thought #9

GAWD! What the hell was Jon Bon Jovi thinking when he wanted to “be my Superman tonight”?! With his irritatingly whiney voice and girly looks, he’s gonna NEED a Superman tonight when I get done with him.


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14 responses to “Thought #9

  1. ipegasus

    I’m going to be an outcast and say I find him quite attractive. LOL. xD I don’t digg ‘manly & macho’ men.

  2. Holy crap I thought I was the only one who felt this way!

  3. Is there a picture were he isn’t obnoxious? 😛 ahaha

  4. I think he looks like my nana 😛 and needs to do up his top!!

  5. With you 100%! Wait, is he good-looking?

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