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Thought #10

If one more FUCKING person wants a bag for ONE little book when they have 5 shopping bags already, they’re gonna get a book up their ass. They won’t need a bag THEN…


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Sugarland Stole My Life

I do not begrudge Sugarland for taking the mess that is my life and making millions off of it. No, in fact, I applaud them for wording it all so nicely and sticking it in songs I want to listen to. I’ll show you.

Song: Already Gone

Lyrics: “They say the first time won’t ever last,that didn’t stop me.”

No it did not. It did not stop me from marrying the first man I ever dated which resulted in the following lyrics.

“We cried together and we split the blame for the things we couldn’t change.”

Accurately describing the sadness of my divorce.

Song: Little Miss

Lyrics: “Little Miss I Give Up, Little Miss I’ll Get Tough, Little Miss One Big Mess”

They know me and all my personalitites so well. More lyrics.

“Little Miss I’ll get less when I always give so much more.”

Sadly, I had to point out to my Rockstar that I don’t relish cooking every night, but I do it because I am a taker-carer type person. It’s exhausting.

“You are loved.”

I like to think that I am loved for being One Big Mess that gives alot. It makes me feel a little bit better.

Song: Sugarland

Lyrics: I was city-bound, couldn’t wait to get outta this town, something told me I just might stay”

My back-up plan for if I ever left my hubby was moving to Vegas. (I guess having a back-up plan should have given me a clue something was wrong, eh?) But then my Rockstar came along…

More Lyrics: “Fallin’ in love again.”

That was not the intention.

Song: Want To

Lyrics: “We could be friends or we could jump in” and “The whole world could change in a minute, just one kiss could stop this spinning.”

Describing the awkward talk in my Rockstar’s truck when he asked me if I wanted to be more than a Fuck Buddy. For the record, there was more than one kiss.

Song: Incredible Machine

Lyrics: “Feels like I’m flying, wings made of light.”

The result of un-medicated bi-polar disorder.

More Lyrics: “A heart that beats- an incredible machine- made of blood and love and hope and lust and steam.”

Just hoping my incredible machine doesn’t break down on me.

Song: Just Might (Make Me Believe)

Lyrics: “I got bills on the table gettin’ higher and higher” and “Day to day tryin’ to make ends meet.”

Fuckin’ bills. Of course, if I stopped buying shoes, I may not have to slave away quite so much…

More Lyrics: “But if you can look in my eyes, and tell me we’ll be alright; if you promise never to leave, you just might make me believe.”

Ok, I can’t take credit for this one, because I think it’s safe to say everybody wants this.

Song: Take Me as I Am

You may notice I listed no lyrics for this one. It should be self- explanatory.

Song: Stand Up

Lyrics: “All the lonely people crying, it could change if we just get started.”

Taking a chance of sounding like Michael Jackson- “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look in the mirror and make the change.” I think you should listen.

Song: It Happens

Lyrics: “Pshh… it happens.”

It does. Frequently.


Lyrics: “I know how it feels to breath with you beside me, I think about it always” and “Tonight, tonight, tonight, I’m waiting for tonight.”

Yes, I am waiting, because we have the Daughter tonight so we have to wait until she goes to bed. Incidentally, this happens to be my Rockstar’s favorite Sugarland song too.

Song:All I Want To Do

Lyrics: “All I want to do is love you.”

My Rockstar asked me one time what I want to do with my life. This was my answer. (To be clear, there are other things I wish to do, but this seemed like the thing to say at the time.)

Song: Stuck Like Glue

Lyrics: “Some days I don’t feel like trying, sometimes I wanna just give up, when it doesn’t matter who’s right, fight about it all night.”

Accurately describing my sad attempts at cooking and my Rockstar’s irritating attempts to tell me how to do it.

More Lyrics: “There you go makin’ me feel like a kid” and “I’m never lettin’ this go-o-o”

I believe if you were to ask my Rockstar, my presence has made him feel younger, or “like a kid”, and even though he has to pick on my cooking, I shall never let him go.

Song: Shine the Light

Lyrics: “When I ask ‘ how was your day’ and you answer ‘ not so good’, I will shine the light.”

This happens every day. I am the light, or “sparkle”, of course.

Song: Love

Lyrics: “I say it’s Love.”

This one, you will just have to listen to, but, yes, I say it’s Love, too.

I feel honored that Sugarland felt me worthy of inspiration. XOXO

P.S. Type O Negative also mentions me in their beginning lyrics of Black No.1– “She’s in love with herself; she likes the dark.” I don’t know how they knew that, as I have never met them.


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