Thought #10

If one more FUCKING person wants a bag for ONE little book when they have 5 shopping bags already, they’re gonna get a book up their ass. They won’t need a bag THEN…


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12 responses to “Thought #10

  1. I missed this earlier, Bumps. Sorry. Having some blog drama. You could just kill them with choices: paper or plastic? Recycled plastic or new plastic? Recycled paper or Brazil-raping paper? Synthetic ink printing or carcinogens? You want that gift-wrapped, or just wedged up in that asscrack of yours, skippy?

  2. Random Female Blog

    Saving the world is hard when you’re on the wrong side of the pay desk. Permission to scream the next time this happens.

  3. Tell us how you really feel.

  4. It’s true, people ask for bags for pointless stuff. Actually a girl at work always moans at me for not recycling carrier bags.

    Incidentally this YouTube video of a dog vs a vuvuzela is amusing:

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