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Buttered Toast

I guess my Rockstar knew I needed some lovin’ (since he hasn’t done me for 3 days, because when I got out of the shower, he had breakfast dished up for me; nevermind that I don’t eat breakfast- he buttered my toast for me.


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Of A Certain Age

Happy Saturday, my Lovelys! This shall have to be a short post today, as I have the distinct honor of training in the Girl Who Smells Like Soup today, and so I shall actually have to do a small amount of actual work today. It is also my first official night of working as a Pizza Slut, since I finished all the ridiculously asinine training videos this week. Woo.

So I got to thinking about this subject when my Rockstar mentioned that his insurance went up this morning. I reminded him, when a person reaches a certain age, instead of their car insurance going down because of good driving, it begins to go up because old people are dangerous behind the wheel. I was really just giving him shit because I do not believe 40 is “a certain age”, although with him, I’m beginning to wonder.

Firstly, he goes to bed REALLY early. As in 8:30 or 9. I suppose in retrospect, this is really not THAT early when you consider the fact that he goes to work at 5:30, but still. When a person goes to bed when it’s still light outside, in my own opinion, that is too early. Plus, he takes naps. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be in bed with him, but I prefer it to be under totally different circumstances.

Next, of course I must mention sex. I will say firstly, the man is a stallion, using his love wand in magnificent and astonishing ways, but at what age do men generally start to think other things are more important than sex? Perhaps it is because I am a nymphomaniac, but I am of the opinion that there should be much naked fun time going on at his age, (at least 3 times a day) while he still has the use of his boners without the assistance of medication.Moving on.

He still has his teeth. For now. A week or so ago, I was  greatly disturbed when my Rockstar was speaking of dentists, and he informed me that he is of the opinion that instead of getting his teeth fixed (when from what I can tell they look good), he would much rather save the $2500 a tooth it would cost and just have the dentist relieve him of his teeth and get dentures. WHAT?! I am appalled that he thinks at his age, this is acceptable.

Yes, I realize I am not that much younger that he, being now 30, but I do not yet think he is of a certain age to be acting like an old man. He needs to wait at least 5 years.


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