Of A Certain Age

Happy Saturday, my Lovelys! This shall have to be a short post today, as I have the distinct honor of training in the Girl Who Smells Like Soup today, and so I shall actually have to do a small amount of actual work today. It is also my first official night of working as a Pizza Slut, since I finished all the ridiculously asinine training videos this week. Woo.

So I got to thinking about this subject when my Rockstar mentioned that his insurance went up this morning. I reminded him, when a person reaches a certain age, instead of their car insurance going down because of good driving, it begins to go up because old people are dangerous behind the wheel. I was really just giving him shit because I do not believe 40 is “a certain age”, although with him, I’m beginning to wonder.

Firstly, he goes to bed REALLY early. As in 8:30 or 9. I suppose in retrospect, this is really not THAT early when you consider the fact that he goes to work at 5:30, but still. When a person goes to bed when it’s still light outside, in my own opinion, that is too early. Plus, he takes naps. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be in bed with him, but I prefer it to be under totally different circumstances.

Next, of course I must mention sex. I will say firstly, the man is a stallion, using his love wand in magnificent and astonishing ways, but at what age do men generally start to think other things are more important than sex? Perhaps it is because I am a nymphomaniac, but I am of the opinion that there should be much naked fun time going on at his age, (at least 3 times a day) while he still has the use of his boners without the assistance of medication.Moving on.

He still has his teeth. For now. A week or so ago, I was  greatly disturbed when my Rockstar was speaking of dentists, and he informed me that he is of the opinion that instead of getting his teeth fixed (when from what I can tell they look good), he would much rather save the $2500 a tooth it would cost and just have the dentist relieve him of his teeth and get dentures. WHAT?! I am appalled that he thinks at his age, this is acceptable.

Yes, I realize I am not that much younger that he, being now 30, but I do not yet think he is of a certain age to be acting like an old man. He needs to wait at least 5 years.


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8 responses to “Of A Certain Age

  1. Forty is definitely NOT old. Maybe you’re just more woman than any one man can handle. Did you ever think of that? 🙂

    • Well, yes, of course, I think that every day. 🙂 But I’m not allowed to have more than one man. He actually says I have a “problem”. I told him, “No, your just such a sexy old man. “

      • I totally get the digging the sexy older guy thing since I have it too. I think that the thirties are a tough age for women. For instance, I like guys in the forty to fifty range. But all those guys want are women in their twenties. The only guys who hit on me are guys in their twenties, and I have no interest in raising another boy, thank you very much.

      • But you’re a cougar! 🙂 That’s kind of fun. And I’ve always only had older guys hit on me, which I guess is the way I prefer it, except when they have kids that are my age.

      • Yikes. Having teenage boys is a big reason why I go for the older guy. Anything less than thirty seems creepy to me. I’ve been meaning to write a post on the subject as a matter of fact. I think I will tonight and link it back to this one.

        I get what you mean about older guys being better in bed, so not switching your Rockstar out makes sense. Maybe you can drop something in his drink. Not Viagara, but No Doze or something. Because he sounds perfect, and it just sounds to me like you want MORE of all that perfect.

      • OK, well first of all, I’m not going to tell him you said he sounds perfect, because he already thinks so, and his head doesn’t need to get any bigger. And yes, typical me- never satisfied no matter what. 🙂 In his defense, he has high blood pressure, and his pills make him sleepy. (Another reason to call him old, HA)
        And ooh! You must explain to me how to link posts, because I’ve wanted to do that and can’t figure out how!

      • Of course he has high blood pressure! Honey, I’m a straight woman and you make the funnest parts of me go all tingly.

        This is how I’m going to link your post to mine. First, I’ll write my post and put in a sentence that reads something like; “For another interesting take on this post visit my sister in sin, SPARKLEBUMPS.”

        Then I’d open another tab, go to this page and “copy” the address to this specific post by right clicking on the mouse.

        Next, I’d go back to my post page, highlight the word SPARKLEBUMPS and click the LINK icon in the toolbar up top (it looks like a flattened pretzel). A box will pop up and you’ll see http:// highlighted in blue. I’d delete that, then paste in the address to your post.

        Make sure you check the “open in new address/tab” box at the bottom to make it easier for readers to follow along. Then hit “add link.” When I’m done I always hit preview before I publish and test out all the links. I’ll let you know when I post mine. It probably won’t be until Sunday. It’s stupid housework day today.

      • I make you tingly? That’s very fun! I don’t MEAN to heighten his blood pressure…BTW thanks for naming me your sister in sin.
        Thanks for the training!

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