Yeah, there are days when I just want to say “Fuck it” and permanently wear only yoga pants to work…. like the days I’m cursing myself for wearing a fun flarey jean skirt that leaves welt marks on my belly, and a sequin cami that rakes across my armpit fat, EVEN THOUGH I’m having a skinny day. Fuckin’ A.


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14 responses to “Comfort

  1. Secret: I am wearing yoga pants to Pizza Slut with the tummy control band. Ha!

  2. I’m all for wearing anything that makes your ass look good!

    I work with special needs kids, so sadly I can’t wear anything that can easily be yanked down. What I can wear are size 2 boys superhero sneakers. I have a huge collection and the kids at school love them. Sometimes it’s good to have small feet.

  3. Yoga pants and leggings are the only things worth wearing some days. In fact, I have certain rules about Sundays that precludes anything but!

  4. savorthefolly

    Hi sparklebumps, I keep seeing you on Brainrants and H.E.’s page so now I’m comin on over to check out your sparkle bumps. My bumps don’t sparkle, but I too prefer to wear only yoga pants and comfy shirts. If it don’t feel like pajamas, I don’t wanna wear it.

  5. I wore my Yoga pants to work once and people though they were my pajamas … I had told everyone by the end of the day they were yoga pants … nobody believed me.

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