Thought #14

Dammit! Why is it that I have to take a poo as soon as I paint my fingernails?! How am I supposed to pull my pants down without messing them up?


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11 responses to “Thought #14

  1. This happens to me aaaaaalllll the damn time! I have now begun doing my nails with my pants unbuttoned. I figured if I have to go, I can have the BF pull em down and hobble my way to the pot.

  2. If this happens regularly (no pun intended) then I’d just do my nails on the shitter. They’d be dry by the time I got the clean break I usually have to wait for. Just sayin.

  3. Wow…I’ve never had that happen. Now every time I paint my nails it’ll be all I think about. Not sure if that’s good or bad.

  4. savorthefolly

    laughing…really laughing…

    thank you so much. I really think women need to write more about their poo experiences. Nothing says confident woman like writing about your poo. You GO GIRL!

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