Today, I shall pose as a Russian and break out the Vodka. Is it still russian if it says Pucker on the bottle?


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6 responses to “Russian

  1. My favorite is grape pucker because I make yummy grape tootsie roll shots out of it. =)

  2. It’s only Russian if you’re in a hurry.

    Buddum bump!

  3. If it’s clear, never fear. If it’s brown, you’re goin’ down (hard). Ok Ms. Bumps you just got my daily wisdom dump. Take two motrin or four aspirin before you pass out/get molested by Rockstar/coma/sleep. No tylenol!

    I am an expert at this!

    • My Rockstar walked in from work and said, “Flavored vodka is one of those things you don’t want to drink alot of.” Pills are over-rated. And besides… I would be very upset if I DIDN’T get molested by him while I’m drunk…

  4. It does not matter if it is Russian, Drink it!! I am aloud to say that in England because I am of legal age to drink … I am making jelly bean cocktails for a Halloween party I am going to on Saturday 😉

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