The Facts According to a 9 Year Old

On the way home from picking up my Rockstar’s Daughter, she informed me that she saw three Mercury Cougars like mine while at recess today. She even saw one “with a dent just like mine. It was red too.” I said, “I guess the red ones are the ones that get the dents.” Her response? “No, I think it’s just the ones that are owned by people who dye their hair every month like you.” It totally makes sense…. in my crazy world.


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9 responses to “The Facts According to a 9 Year Old

  1. Wisdom… comes with young age.

  2. I have no words.
    But respect for the Cougar.

  3. I had to google “Mercury Cougars” due to my Englishness… I LOVED IT!! … I dye my hair every month, will one just appear or will I be stuck with my shitty “fiat seicento” forever?! (please do not google that!)

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