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New Height

While creating a lovely updo for my trip to see my favorite play of all time Romeo and Juliet, I realized that I could add about 10 inches to my height. 6″ for the heels. 4″ for the hair. I am now tall enough to attempt modeling…


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My Life as a Disney Princess

Here are the reason that I believe they could make a Disney movie out of my life:

1. I am unfailingly trusting and would of course eat whatever magical fruit was shoved into my face by a grotesque old woman. After all, my stomach is a bottomless pit, and I am not in the habit of NOT eating whatever is offered to me.

2. I,  on occassion, will burst into song when there are no other ways to express my feelings. I’ve even convinced one of the cooks at work that it will make him feel better if he does this too. He has a very nice singing voice.

3. I have a control-freak father who is convinced the outside world is going to harpoon me in the ass.

4. When I sleep, I am awakened by my Rockstar’s kiss. (except for the times when I’m not awakened. This is due to the fact that a person could lead a marching band across my face and I wouldn’t wake up… I think I must have pricked my finger on a spindle at some point….)

5. I love books, and dream of having a library with one of those ladders that slides around on shelves. This would be very beneficial to making a dramatic ending to any song I may feel the need to burst into.. *swinging around on ladder with arms up, singing* “I love my books! I have to poop!” (I may have to work on the lyrics a bit.)

6. I have no little mice friends, but my imaginary friend Kozzi Gunka would be a cool twist.

7. There are Evil Forces intent on ruining my every happiness. They are known as Bill Collectors.

8. Although not as skinny as those Disney bitches, I have the boobage that would fill out whatever ball gown I might need to wear quite nicely.

9. I don’t have a magic carpet to ride, but I have a dented Mercury Cougar that gets me where I want to go.

10. I don’t have a magic mirror that tells me I’m the fairest of them all, but I have a 9 year old Almost Daughter who tells me she is much more beautiful than me.

11. I must slave away until I magically come into a giant wad of cash.

12. I found my True Love, it just took 2 rounds. Also, I’m not sure how they could incorporate the Fuck Buddy issue into a kid’s movie….


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