Drunkitty Drunk Drunk

After struggling to open my  newly-replaced brandy bottle (check earlier posts to understand), I have proceeded to become increasingly inebriated (is that spelt right?) BEFORE my Rockstar gets home… trying to figure out how exactly to give him something remotely resembling a lapdance (while drunk). H.E.! Could use a little help here…

P.S. I loves you, all my Loveleys!!!!! XOXOXOXO


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7 responses to “Drunkitty Drunk Drunk

  1. I once..

    You know I am just going to keep my stupid fucking mouth shut this one time.

  2. savorthefolly

    *smiles wickedly* my husband is out for the evening, come out and play!

  3. Let the thighs do the work, baby. The hips are all for show. 😉

  4. As long as your tits are out he wont mind 😉

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