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I Had Something In My Eye

Has a book ever brought you to tears?

This was the autotopic that got me today. Excuse me, but this may lean toward movies a bit more than books, because for some reason, there is only one book that has ever made me lose my emotional marbles.

Where the Red Fern Grows: I believe I was about 13 when I read this book. If you don’t know thow story, I will sum up,  (heehee! I just quoted the Princess Bride. 🙂 ) It’s about a poor boy who grows up in the Ozark mountains and saves for 2 years to buy a pair of redbone coon hounds. He  spends all his spare time teaching them to hunt, and becomes famous in his little area. Then, one night when he’s out hunting, they accidentally track a mountain lion, which ends up mauling one of his dogs. The dog dies, and the other dog is so depressed that she dies too. Now, here is proof that I like animals more than people, because I have never cried when I’ve read a book about a person dying. But when I read this book, For the entirety of the last 40 pages or so, I had tears pouring down my face. And then I read it again. And cried. Again. Seriously, you really need to read this book if you never have. It will depress you greatly.

Now, moving on to movies. Here are just a few that stand out.

Disney’s Tarzan: Yes, I realize it’s a cartoon. But it was the most emotional 90 minutes of my LIFE. My friends dragged me to this when I was 16, and I protested the entire way. Within the first 10 minutes, I was trying to distract my friends by digging in my purse, so they didn’t notice my internal breakdown. I don’t really remember much about that movie, but I remember walking out of the theatre and feeling completely EXHAUSTED. Frequent changes in emotions will do that to a person….

The Green Mile: I will never, EVER watch this movie again. I went to the late night showing of this, and let us suffice to say that if there had been anybody else in the theatre, I would have had to leave, because nobody wants their Stephen King movie interrupted by a hyper-ventilating, blubbering pile of Sparkles. I seriously thought I was dying. So did my boyfriend.

Ghost: This is a typical Patrick Swayze love fest. But I had to include it because this is one that also made my ex cry. When I would taunt him by saying in a sing- song voice, “Are you cry-y-y-ing?!” He would wipe his eye and mutter, “I had something in my eye.”

My First Mister: Chances are you just went, “HUH?!” This is a little independent film starring LeeLee Sobieski and Albert Brooks (Nemo the fish’s dad). Leelee is a goth teen who becomes friends with straight-laced Al when he hires her at his clothing store. Spoiler alert: he dies. I cannot explain it, but after watching this movie, I can be found moping about for 2 to 5 days. By the way, Carol Kane is awesome in this movie.

The Little Mermaid: At the end when Ariel is pining after Prince Eric (which is what I call my Rockstar to his face, because that’s his name 🙂 ) and her dad realizes he has to give her up, I turn into snivelling wreck. (Fuckin’ Disney.)

Marley and Me: This I’m sure is not a surprise, because anybody who DOESN’T cry while watching this movie has no soul. However, it was not very nice of them to drag out the sadness for a whole HOUR. You’ve never experienced real life until you’ve sat in a crowded theatre listening to the entire audience snotting. For an hour.



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