Things I’m Thankful For

Since this is kind of a jacked- up Thanksgiving, (I’ll post about that after I eat pizza) this will be a little harder than I thought.

Music- because without it the voices in my head would be confusing me. Instead, they sing, and that’s not so bad.

My Rockstar- because without him, I would never have understood the term “Making love”, and he cleans off my car when it snows, which no one has ever done for me before.

My Rockstar’s Daughter- because without her, I would never know what it’s like to be an evil stepmother. The one in Cinderella is really misunderstood…

Candy- because without it, I would never come close to orgasm because of food.

My Readers- because without you, I would just be some 30 yr-old writing a diary, and that’s kinda pathetic.

Shoes- because without them, my outfits would never look as good as they do.

God- because without Him, I would have killed myself years ago; now I realize He just likes to fuck with me, and it keeps my life… interesting.

Church- because without it, I would never get to hear, “We LOVE your music! Thank you so much!” Also, I get my fill of hugs for the week in less than an hour.

Work- because without is, I could never afford shoes. And it’s good to be useful sometimes.

Books- Because without them, I would really be so much dumber.

Chris Meloni- because without him, I wouldn’t have a celebrity crush other than Angelina, and Chris is really aging so much more gracefully.

My Square-haloed People- I will give an explanation. My pastor described square- haloed people as angels on earth. They are the people that make me feel that I’m worth knowing.

OK, I guess that’s all for now. I loves you all and have a great holiday, my fellow Americans.


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14 responses to “Things I’m Thankful For

  1. I may have to steal some things from your list…and add Matthew Gray Gublar…mmmm yum. =)

  2. I for one am thankful for you, Sparkle, for luring all the blog women to your bi-liciciousness and keeping them off of me so I can type. I will offer to pay for your next strap-on.


    We all have much for which to be grateful. I’m thankful that I found your blog … you make me smile every day. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving… If that is what you even say, Merry thanksgiving, have a wonderful thanksgiving … I dunno… Enjoy!

  5. I’m thankful for my iPad which lets me write my next blog post while spending 2 hours in the toilet after a caloric thanksgiving day feast.

    Happy “I swear I’m going to the gym tomorrow” day!

    Rob, the mainland

  6. Well now, you have yourself a fabulous day!

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