An Empty Drawer

I was opening drawers looking for a pair of socks today, and was disturbed when I opened my Rockstar’s undie drawer and saw that it was almost empty. This saddened me for two reasons:

#1. Because he is gone for another whole day, and I miss him.

#2. I realized I will have to do laundry when he gets back.


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9 responses to “An Empty Drawer

  1. I’m impressed they are in a drawer! The BF’s are shoved in a basket…”easy access” he once said.

  2. I didn’t assume that. She probably puts them in, and was just checking to see how he was doing.

  3. Your man puts his clothes away?! In an actual DRAWER?! Lucky….

  4. You should have come here while he was gone ahaha!! sleep over in England … I have always wanted to go to Dakota, I do not actually know why :p

  5. Back in the day, when I ran out of underwear I just went out and bought new ones. Damned if I was actually going to figure out how to use a washing machine.

    Rob, The Mainland

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