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Smut III

Part 3 of Smut 1 and 2

Linnea writhed in agony. A mewling sound escaped her lips, and Jess watched in amusement as Linnea struggled against her bonds. Tears of frustration seeped through Linnea’s blindfold, and the salty taste mingled with the remnants of Jess’s kisses on her lips.

“Perhaps you will think twice the next time you let your eyes wander, hmm?” From what Linnea could tell, Jess was across the room now, and even through her tears, she noticed that Jess’s accent had thickened as it did when she was impassioned.

“Is that what you want? A man?”

Though the question was asked harshly, Jess couldn’t keep the hurt from her voice.

“Do you think a man can please you better than I?”

Linnea’s voice broke as she denied the accusation. The man Jess had caught her watching was a stranger, and she had been attracted to him. She had wondered what it would have been like to have him fuck her. Linnea begged for forgiveness, begging to be untied so that she could show her devotion. She paused when she felt the bed dip slightly.

Then a cock was buried inside her, and the force with which she was impaled took her breath away.

Linnea was stunned. She couldn’t believe Jess would allow a man access to her body, but then she felt her hair being grabbed in a fist, and she recognized Jess’s grip. She realized that Jess was wearing a strap-on, and relief flooded over her.

“I hope you understand what it is you wanted.” The whisper was threatening, and then Jess began to move.

Her thrusts were so forceful, they nearly lifted Linnea off of the bed. Linnea cried out at each one, her pleasure mounting. She was unable to move; the scarves were still tightly knotted, and the grip Jess had on her hair was bending her torso back. She could do nothing but enjoy the intese pleasure coursing through her body.

When the long-awaited orgasm came, Linnea squealed in pleasure. Jess did not stop thrusting. Almost immediately, a second orgasm racked Linnea’s body; Jess plunged the imitation cock in harder.

Jess fucked Linnea without mercy. She had reverted to her native language of French, and though the words were foreign to her, Linnea understood their meaning. She belonged to no one else.


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