For the Love of Shoes

There are many many kinds of shoes.

There are shoes that are black.

There are shoes that are bright.

There are shoes for the daytime,

and shoes for the night.

There are sandals for summer,

There are boots for the fall.

There are shoes that wear fat feet,

and some that wear small.

Tall shoes, flat shoes, sneakers, Mary Janes,

There are even special shoes for people with canes.

There are shoes for the farm,

and shoes for the city.

Some that are ugly,

but most shoes are pretty.

Shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes,

All the wonderful shoes!

All shoes are good shoes,

whichever you choose!


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19 responses to “For the Love of Shoes

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  2. I liked this it was like my childhood love of Dr. Seuss mated with my adulthood obsession of shoes. Btw, I looked up blogs w/ humor and I must say yours was the only one that made me actually laugh.

  3. I can’t agree on the last sentence (though it sounds very good). If you see some of the people here walking around, you just wish they’d burn those shoes. Burn. But of course, everyone has another kind of … taste. Great poem though :).

  4. Scarlett DuBois

    I think your poem should be the new shoe prayer.
    I’ve just begun doing a daily wearing of my fab and fave shoes (black satin platform peep toe pumps, 5 inch thick heel). I want to be able to wear them all night long this New Year!! xxx

  5. Nice! You’re a regular Dr. Shoess.

  6. What size are you? I may have a few (new) pairs that didn’t quite work out for me. =( Sad sad day when that happens. I really like the poem though. I printed it out and it is now hanging all cute and pretty at my desk. =)


    I’m just the pathetic opposite. I find a pair that doesn’t hurt, I buy one in black and one in brown, and I wear them until they fall apart and I’m forced (kicking and screaming) to go shoe shopping. I wish I was fabulous, too.

  8. So many shoes… I want to buy a pair in every color (and I am well on my way!)

  9. So many women love shoes
    And think they are neat
    As for this little woman
    I prefer bare feet

  10. freshest15

    thanks for reminding me how i need to buy my pair of nude pumps! πŸ˜‰

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