The “Perks” of Being 30

I am sad to say that through-out my 20’s, my excessive buzooms were never quite as perky as I would have liked. The term “nipping out” didn’t generally apply to me. Oddly enough, the girls have decided in their old age to change their ways. Apparently, they are planning on aging as gracefully as the rest of me, because for the past few months, my nipples have been saying, “Look at us! We exist! We will NOT be hidden underneath ANY kind of bra material or shirtness!”

Just thought you all would like to know.


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12 responses to “The “Perks” of Being 30

  1. “Yay For Boobies!!!”
    Someone had to say it.

  2. I live with this every day. I’m 25. Lol. Thing is: I like going braless whenever possible. The headlights just draw too much attention sometimes. Lol.

  3. They are very lovely. πŸ˜‰

  4. Pics or it didn’t happen. What? I was kidding! I would never ask you to debase yourself like that, and you know it. Nope. Never.

  5. Congrats on becoming perky! πŸ˜‰ I’ve always thought it’s very hot when my lover notices my eyes on her breasts, and she almost instantly gets perky…

  6. great post, but the image is extra ordinary …. lolzzzzzzzz πŸ˜€

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