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A New Friend

So I had a visitor last night at work in the form of this adorable little person known as Delightfulness. I’m not exactly sure how we found out that we both live around the same area, but it was through wordpress, so I have yet another reason to be glad I started a blog.

To clear things up, when I say “little person”, I do not mean a midget. No no. What I mean is Delightfulness is one of those girls that is so small and little that you just wanna squeeze her and hug her and stick her in your back pocket. (Wow, I just realized I haven’t said the pocket thing for awhile. It mostly comes out when I see cute girls at the bar that I tell my Rockstar I’m going to flirt with.) Anyhoo, Delightfulness brought her boyfriend (I’m assuming just in case I happened to be a raging lunatic) and I must say that they make a very attractive couple. (That is the only way I can think of to say politely that I would boink you both, Delightful. Just to be clear- my intentions are completely honorable concerning you.)

We only had a few moments to talk of Mustangs and jobs and Christmas, but I think that we shall be great friends. Delightful writes lovely poetry, and loves shoes, and sex, and books. (Like me) She also volunteers (unlike me) because she is amazing. Although we shall be on the opposite sides of the store if ever we are to shop Victoria’s Secret together (because Delight is a tiny-framed person with boobies appropriate for her size, and my buzooms are NOT appropriately-sized) I shall feel very comfortable yelling over the panty tables, “Hey, D! Do you think my Rockstar do me three times tonight if I get the red one?”

I am so excited.

P.S. You really should check out her blog, because she is funny and smart and your time shall not be wasted.


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