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Straight Smut: The Sequal

Here’s the sequal to Straight Smut you horny people have been waiting for:

The orgasm racked her body, raising gooseflesh on her skin and making her quiver. Beth bit her bottom lip, and Jon watched on as the pleasure took her. He knelt in front of her now, and slid his boxers down. His erection popped up and grazed his belly, and through her pleasure-haze, Beth moaned at the sight of it’s absolute hardness. She leaned up, intent on swallowing his manness whole, but he pushed her back. He knew that is she were to start with oral, he’d never last long enough to feel the tight inner walls of her.

She squirmed, agitated at being pushed away, but a moment later, he pushed all of himself inside her, and she went still with the sensation of it. She squeezed her inner muscles, and he sucked in a breath when he felt her grip on him. She looked into his eyes, a smile playing on her lips. He  smiled back, and then he roughly grabbed her thigh and flipped her over. Beth squealed, surprised, and then closed her eyes, indulging in the feel of him when he began to thrust.

He went slowly at first, admiring the view of her curvy ass as he moved. He gripped it then, unable to resist. The supple skin turned pink from the force of his grip. Because of the angle, at each thrust, he felt the end of her, and her moans told him she was getting close again. He thrusted harder, and moved his hands to her hair, pulling it as he rode her. He wanted to see her face when she came, so he held her head up by her hair. He gritted his teeth, trying not to come, but when he saw the flush of excitement run up her shapely neck to her face, and heard her call out, he could no longer wait, and he spent himself inside her.

She felt the warmth of his seed, and his body shudder, and thought, “That was a nice way to be woken up.”


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