Daily Archives: December 26, 2011

Watch Me

Watch me create drama in the wee hours of the morning online that has exploded into delicious craziness this day. (Oops.)

Watch me drip water all over the floor at work, and have the other OCD server grow increasingly bitter.

Watch me zoom zoom zoom around for 9 hours at work without having anything to eat.

Watch me make $70 in tips in less than 4 hours. (Thank you completely flaming gay man for that last $5)

Watch me manage the people working tonight in the midst of chaos, because the almost-manager is ready to shit her pants because it’s so busy.

Watch me NOT wait on one table tonight, even though I was SUPPOSED to be serving, because I am busy managing.

Watch me do dishes, and cook, and cut pizzas, and answer phones, because we are short-handed.

Watch me squeal in delight when I am reminded that the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale starts tomorrow, and I actually have dollars to spend.

Watch me load the trunk of my car up with books to sell tomorrow. (I think that I shall not be able to lift them out.)

Watch me make a deliciously large Cheesy-bites pizza with garlic sauce and extra cheese to take home.

Watch me eat said large pizza all by myself. (Uh oh. I couldn’t eat it all. That’s highly unusual.)

Watch me be sad and lonely because my Rockstar is in South Dakota ALL week.

Watch me NOT have the Sex, because my Rockstar left me. (BOO HOO.)

Watch me wonder where to put all my shoes  because the closet is full now.

I think that I shall have to buy a new pair of shoes tomorrow.




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