Sparklebump’s Infinite Playlist(s)

So I love music.

I love many many KINDS of music.

I have almost 700 songs on my MP3 player, and I should really make some playlists, but I like to just put it on shuffle and see what happens.

Here are what my playlists would be if I had them….

Songs I Crank Up:

Everybody Loves Eileen- by Steelheart

Counterfeit God– by Black Label Society

She Loves my Cock– by Jackyl

Legs Up– by Smashed Gladys

Holy Man– by Lita Ford

Tie Your Mother Down- by Queen

Share the Ride– by The Black Crowes

Nonstop to Nowhere– by Faster Pussycat

Songs About Me:

Dirty Little Mind- by Jackyl

About Me lyric: “She’s got a dirty little mind.” (Duh)

Drink in My Hand: by Eric Church

About Me lyric: “If you wanna impress me, Baby, here’s my plan, all you gotta do is put a drinkΒ  in my hand.”

Crazy Bitch– by Buckcherry

About Me lyric: “You’re a crazy bitch, but you fuck so good I’m on top of it.” (I’m not bragging- that’s what I’ve been told.)

When You’re On Top- by the Wallflowers

About Me lyric:Β  “Nothing’s ever as good as when you’re on top.” (Again, that’s what I’ve been told.)

Chrome- by Trace Adkins

About Me lyric: “Her favorite color is chrome.” (Because it’s shiny.)

Black No.1- by Type O Negative

About Me lyric: “She’s in love with herself, she likes the dark.”

She Goes Down– by Motley Crue

About Me lyric: “She goes down all night long.” πŸ™‚

Gold– by Prince

About Me lyric: “All that glitters ain’t gold.”

Goddamn Devil– by Ugly Kid Joe

About Me lyric: “I’m the goddman devil, and I do it for free.”

I Get Off– by Halestorm

About Me lyric: “I get off on you getting off on me.”

Jesus and Gravity- by Dolly Parton

About Me lyric: “I’ve got somethin’ liftin’ me up, somethin’ holdin’ me down, somethin’ to give me wings, somethin’ to keep my feet on the ground… I got Jesus and gravity.”


My Rockstar’s Love Song List:

What Love Can Do– by Warrant

Love lyric: “I used to dream x-rated, now I only dream of you in my arms…. It makes us crazy, makes us blind, makes me call your phone a hundred times- that’s what love can do.”

Girl From Oklahoma- by Steel Panther

Love lyric : “Baby suck my balls all night.”

Tonight- by Sugarland

Love lyric: “I know how it feels to breath with you beside me.”

All I’m Dreamin’ Of- by Black Stone Cherry

Love lyric: “All I’m dreamin’ of is good times, good friends, and somebody to love.”

Take It Easy– by Andy Taylor

Love lyric: “Always love the clothes you wear, I can’t say that you turn me on, but why not stay all night long?”

Give Me Love– by Jasmine Cain

Love lyric: “You call to say you need attention, you know it’s more than I can give….. I hear you whisper in the night,’ Give me love, give me peace, let me have a voice to speak.'” (He’s right. I DO need alot of attention)

So Hott– by Kid Rock

Love lyric: “I want to fuck you like I’m never gonna see you again.”


My Karaoke List:

A Broken Wing- by Martine McBride

Don’t Stop Believin’- by Journey (technically, I like the Steel Panther version better)

The Way You Make Me Feel– by Michael Jackson (Hee-hoo!)

Heartbreaker– by Pat Benatar

If Looks Could Kill– by Heart

Hot Child in the City– by Nick Gilder

Adonai- by Avalon

Love is Forever– by Slaughter

“Fuck you” songs:

Fuck You- by Cee Lo Green (obviously)

Riptide– by Sick Puppies

Fuck You lyric: “I won’t justify the way I live my life….’cause you’re the one drowning, I like where I’m at on my back floating down in my own riptide,. The water is fine.”

Devil in Disguise– by Danielia Cotton

Fuck You lyric: “The last thing you’ll see of my is my backside.”

The Inside– by Jasmine Cain

Fuck You lyric: “You’re tryin’ so damn hard to make me belive you got somethin’ I need , as if I give a shit.”

Uprising-by Muse

Fuck You lyric: “They will not control us, we will be victorious.”

The Emperor’s New Clothes– by Sinnead o’Connor

Fuck You lyric: “I will live by my own policies…. through their words they will be exposed.”


I may have to do a part two to this…






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17 responses to “Sparklebump’s Infinite Playlist(s)

  1. Muse is the shit. I shall have to look up a few of these songs that I am unfamiliar with.

  2. Music… Not really my thing… πŸ˜‰

  3. Very cool! I LOVE Uprising by Muse. My list would also include Breaking Benjamin’s “I Will Not Bow” and Disturbed’s “Indestructible,” oh, and Pantera’s “Cowboys From Hell” sung by my son at karaoke cuz he kills it & gets the whole bar fighting…um, hm, wait a min…
    Ahem, Very Cool Lists! πŸ˜€

  4. Wow. I have a suspicion that a Venn diagram of our musical tastes would be two circles barely touching. I have a crapload of lyrics that would apply to me, but this popped into my head first. Days of the New, I forget which song but it’s on the first album:
    “A one track mind for many trains”

    • I’m sure we could agree on SOME music… As I said, there should definitely be a part two to my post. In my defense, I didn’t get to listen to anything other than church music until I was 18. So i’m sure there’s alot out there that I’d like that I’v never heard.

      • If you like Black Label and Alice and Godsmack, you’d probably like Days of the New. I think you’d like the Gazette and D and Versailles. Helmet, Swervedriver, KMFDM, Tool. Jane’s Addiction – one of my favorites. I’ve seen Perry Farrell more than any other artist. Killswitch Engage, Bullet For My Valentine, lostprophets, Infected Rain. This is all music I like that I think you’d like.

        Start with Snake River Conspiracy, the song Vulcan. Tell your Rockstar that you promise to do the first word that comes up in that song. He’ll like that.

      • Tool is a constant inside joke between my Rockstar and me. Every time we go to Guitar Center, some douche is playing the beginning measures of that one obnoxious song on bass…

      • Hmmm… if it’s a simple riff, it’s Sober, and if it’s complicated, it’s probably Schism. I’m surprised more people don’t try For Whom The Bell Tolls. Little do they know, a fun and easy riff to play that sounds funky and complicated is the bass riff of We Are The Young by Psychefunkapus.

      • If it were my kid Junior in that guitar store with a bass in his hands, you’d hear the opening to MY NAME IS MUD.

      • Hit him upside the cranium with an aluminum baseball bat?

      • It was a choice between letting him play that or WINONA’S BIG BROWN BEAVER. I think I made the right decision.

  5. THIS WAS AMAZING! My lists would make no sense to anyone but me, I’m sure. My two favorite albums of all time are VULGAR DISPLAY OF POWER – PANTERA and HOUNDS OF LOVE – KATE BUSH. Go figure.

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