A Nightmarishly Late Birthday Present

In honor of HR Nightmare’s aging, I shall bestow upon him gifts worthy of his Vampire self. I realize I’m very late in the bestowage.

Firstly, Jack Daniels (and a girl’s crotch). To get the party started.

A mirror, because when you look into it you won’t be able to tell how old you are, because you are a partial vampire. So then you can laugh.

Cleavage, because what straight man doesn’t want to see that. (I’m sorry, it’s not mine.)

Beautiful stillettos, because H.E. says you look good in them, and hey, if you wanna dress like a chic, it’s your birthday. (I picked green because that’s kinda manly, right?)


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6 responses to “A Nightmarishly Late Birthday Present

  1. Nice. Those are all great gifts.

  2. This is one of the sweetest things I have recived for any birthday, ever.
    Thank you ever so much. You really brighten my day.
    I did have to scroll back up to see what Ms. Megan was talking about.
    There IS a bottle in the first picture.
    And the detail in the framing of the mirror is terrific.
    Thank you. And FYI I really DO look great in green.

  3. He looks amazing in green. 😉

  4. Hey … That bottle is empty! ahaha

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