Either Everyone Is On Vacation or I Just Suck

I’ve been noticing for the past month or so a disturbingly significant decrease in views and comments on my blog. I would say that I should not be disappointed, because I continue to aquire followers, except for the fact that I have 179 followers and am hardly getting 30 hits a day, so obviously I am a bad leader and all of my followers and walked off a cliff. As I have not changed in any way, I can only assume that the novelty of me has worn off, and people are tired of reading about my histrionic self. That or most of my readers have taken a permanent vacation and did not invite me. Either way, now I am sad.


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19 responses to “Either Everyone Is On Vacation or I Just Suck

  1. afterhours78

    I have had the same feeling lately, but I guess its part of the ebs and flows of the blogosphere. The eyes here in aH78 world are still on your posts. Hopefully it is just the summer and folks will go back to sitting and reading and posting.

  2. It’s been a slow month. Don’t worry about it. I’m only getting 1200 hits a day now!

    Just kidding.

  3. I still read and love your take on life, sex, pizzas etc etc! Chin Up!

  4. I’m still following you. It’s just that I’m skulking behind trees, so that Rockstar doesn’t catch me at it. If you don’t hear heavy breathing, that’s me.

  5. Kana Tyler

    I vote “vacation”–because you DON’T suck! 😉

  6. I’m with Rich. I stopped getting email notifications from the blogs that I follow so I’ve missed out on quite a bit. I can’t figure out how to fix it. (They’ve screwed with “copy post”, too!)

    My numbers are down, too. We still love you!

  7. Everyone is on vacation and you do not suck, except when you do suck, and then I’m sure that it’s in a good way!

    I almost always read your posts – but it’s hard to type with one hand, so I don’t always comment… Lol

    Keep the faith! This blogging thing can be a capricious and fickle business, and things can turn around on a dime when you least expect it.

  8. Rich Crete

    It could be a wordpress issue. Many of the blogs I try to follow have mysteriously vanished from my reader feeder. I posted about it and learned I was not alone. Many people are having this happen. I still get your feeds (luckily) but many others have disappeared. I have to go find them instead of them finding my reader. I’m sure is part of the problem.

  9. It’s not the number of views, it’s the quality of those views.

    Oh who am I kidding? It is the number of views.

  10. I’m still reading although your posts haven’t been showing up in my inbox I had to come look to see if you had posted anything. That has also happened with a few other blogs I follow, so I’m not sure why. I may need to unfollow then refollow again. I like your new photo!

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