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A Dedication to 199 (and to All the Others)

This post is dedicated to the 199th amazing individual who has deemed my histrionic babbling worthy of followage. Without you, Ackeyands, I would just be a blogger with 198 followers. You have saved me from the awful even-numbered follower, Hamza, who I’m sure is a lovely and beautiful person in his own right, other than the fact that he was unlucky enough to follow my blog when I already had a lovely odd-number of proverbial blog sheep. From the few posts of your that I checked out, Ackeyands, I can tell you and I shall be great friends-or in the least, we shall be entertained by each other’s blogs for many moons to come.

No, no- I am not forgetting those many bloggers who have gotten me to this point. Though they are too numerous in numbers to list in their entirety, I hope they are somewhat sated by the fact that I have, at some point, read a post or two from every single one of their blogs. I noted that the range of personalities and talents of my followers is vast enough to create a very effectibe blogger army, but since I don’t believe in war, I suppose we could be a Blogger Flash Mob instead.

I would like to mention a few of my followers that have made writing for you all even more entertaining, with their comments and with their occassional mention of me in their blogs.

H.E. Ellis, because without her, I would not have a backup future wife, and I would never have read a book written for young adults that was worth reading, as of yet.

Brainrants, because without his first comment, I would have never found the perserverance to continue writing when I first started. Also, I would have never known the drama that comes along with a blogger’s jealous spousal unit.

John, because in his understated way, he is the most faithful of my followers. Though he does not blatantly comment in an overly-amourous┬ámanner on any of my posts like some of the others do, his persistant clicking of the like button on the majority of my posts lets me know of his at least intellectual infatuation with me…

Diatribes and Ovations, because he has the decency to pretend I’m as amazing as I want to be.

Page to Screen, because he liked me enough to find me on Facebook.

HR Nightmare, because he has given me the blessing to marry his ex-wife if my Rockstar doesn’t marry me, and because he is the only Vampire I’ve known in real life.

Sandy Like A Beach, because she is like me, but with dancing ability.

Delightfulness, because she was lucky enough to live within driving distance of me, therefore making her my only blogging buddy I have met in real life. Also, she is a great friend who acts as though I fart rainbows and shit butterflies.

Edward Hotspur, because he is the male version of my histrionic schizophrenic self, and his underlying passive-aggressiveness is not lost on me.

To all who have read or will read my blog- if I have made you laugh or cry, made you feel any other emotion, and entertained you even a little, then I have accomplished what I set out to do. Thank you for your intellectual patronage. XOXO



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