Freaks: Part 2

Here’s the rest of what I wrote yesterday.

There were books. Everywhere. Casey’s apartment had the exact same lay-out as his own, yet it was almost completely unrecognizable. The only furniture in the room were two barstools placed at the breakfast bar. Those and, Greg counted quickly, nine bookshelves. Not only were all the shelves full, but there were stacks of books lying intermittantly on the floor. There was no couch, no TV, or anything else for that matter.

“Holy shit.” The words slipped out of his outh before he realized he’d said them out loud.

“Welcome to my humble abode. Take care not to disturb the reading material.” Casey joked as she ushered him in, and Greg felt a thrill as she placed her hand on his side to guide him forward.

He turned to her. “You’re a freak. What’s with all the books?” He was certain he still had a shocked expression on his face. “It looks like frickin’ Barnes and Noble in here.”

Casey put a hand on her hip. “It’s my thing, so shut up. They’re beautiful. You’re a freak too, but I don’t go around telling you so. Who the fuck orders shit that comes UPS four times a week?”

Her sassy attitude snapped him back to reality and the books were forgotten.She looked so damn cute standing there with a furrowed brow as she admonished him, he decided to dive on in.

He stepped toward her, and as he did so, he realized this was the closest he’d ever been to here. He was startled to realize that he towered over her. As she looked up at him in confusion, he noticed her nose was squarely at his chest. How had he never noticed how small she was?

When he stooped to kiss those perfectly pouting lips, he heard her suck in a breath of surprise. As his lips met hers, he put his hands on either side of her face to keep her from retreating. For an instant, he was afraid she’d resist, but then e felt her lean into his kiss, and that was all he needed.

The last weeks of sexual frustration she’d created all came out as his hands slid from her face and he wrapped his arms around her. He clung to her like a man drowning as his tongue parted her lips and his kiss deepened. Casey moaned softly in her throat at this slight intrusion, and the sound had an almost physical pull on his prick. He felt himself straining against the fly of his pants as he grabbed Casey’s ass two-handed with a little more force than he meant to.

She had her hands in his hair now, tugging as her tongue did a sensual dance with his. Every pull was like a direct hit to his groin, and he pushed himself against her belly with need. His hand on her ass slif around to the front of her, and he was amazed to find she was wet enough already that he could feel her desire through her pants. She sucked in another breath when he found her clit through her paper-thin pants, and her hand slid over his as she oushed against it to create more friction. He pulled away from the kiss and watched her eyelashes flutter and her face flush as he stroked the most intimate part of her. Just her reaction was enough to make his already hard cock throb. He took her hand and placed it on his chest so she could feel his racing heart before he slid his hand down the front of her pants and slipped his finger inside her. She groaned when he did so, and her hand went from his chest to his zipper.

“Fuck.” He whispered into her hair before he captured her lips with his once again. She was so unbelievably wet! Her hand stroked over his naked erection, and he stilled to relish the feel of it. He hand on his dick was more than he could take, and he pushed her pants off and then tore off his own. He lifter her by the ass clear off her feet and drove himself into her as he pinned her up against one of the many bookshelves.

Casey let out a cry of pleasure when he slid himslef into her. The feel of her tight around him was exquisite, and he stilled once more.

“Fuck me. God, please fuck me.” Her fevered whisper was enough, and he pulled out and then drove himself into her again and again mercilessly.

Greg watched the flush on her Casey’s pale skin spread as he fucked her. Her eyes were closed and her head thrown back as he brought her closer to the peak. He was surprised at how easily she came when she squealed as he buried himself deep in her.

“Fuck!” Finally having her, and then listening to her come was enough to send him over the edge, and he pushed into her one final time while he shuddered in exstasy. Her arms were tight around him, and he secretly wished as the wave of pleasure subsided that she wouldn’t want to let go.

“It’s about time you got up the nerve to do that.” He grinned as she winked at him, because even a good fucking didn’t stop that smart mouth.


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