Gimme A Hug, You Atheist!

I suppose it may seem strange that a born-again Christian and a professed Atheist can not only work side by side quite amiably, but can actually carry on a religion-based discussion without ripping each other’s throats out. However, in my world, this happens on a daily basis.

I was intrigued by the foreign-seeming tattoos my newest hiree sported on his forearm yesterday, and so asked immediately what they meant. He acted somewhat reluctant to tell me, and gave some bullshit explanation for me to tell my other employees if any of them should ask, before he told me that one was the symbol for an Atheist, and the other a symbol for Humanist. I nodded amiably, stuck out my hand, and said in my own Sparkly manner, “Hello, Atheist! I’m a Christian!”

No, I did not continue our conversation by spouting of the fiery lake many Christians believe he is headed to, nor did I invite him to church in an attempt to save his immortal soul. Instead, I asked him what made him have a belief in nothing, only to find out he was raised very like I was.

He spoke of a time when he was an angry youth, and how his parents did not understand him, and how, because of his military experiences, he no longer believed as he once did. I spoke of a time when I was a narrow-minded teen, and how my parents did not understand me, and how, because of my life experiences, I am now an open-minded individual that believes people can make their own decisions about their faith. He believes in humans; I believe most humans are assholes that should be destroyed. For two people with very different point of views, it’s amazing how very alike we are.

Incidentally, today I stopped at work to post the schedule after church, and my coworker asked if I had any churchy advise for her and my other work babies. I told her that God loves everybody, and that hugs make people feel welcome. Jesus hung out with whores and thieves, and never once thought he was too cool for them. Too bad my dad never remembers that part of the Bible.


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5 responses to “Gimme A Hug, You Atheist!

  1. Too often, the closed mind is attached to the open mouth. Congratulations on turning both of them around.

  2. Sketchy agnostic here! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Generally inclined to believe that ‘God’ is in fact human consciousness, which connects us all in some inexplicable way we are too primitive to understand, let alone properly experience… Most of my friends are hardcore atheists and while I admire their intellectual rationalism, I can’t help but perceive a greater meaning in the world’s synchronicity. Yet for all I know, it’s just as likely aliens as it is Jesus. Debating the big issues is great. If only more Christians would evolve their beliefs to embrace and reflect modernity, there would not need to be such a divide between believers and non-believers. Anyway, great post. Refreshing viewpoint ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I find myself at a point in my life where I’m more agnostic than anything but I appriciate when people can have an adult conversation about religion and not watch it turn into an arguement about who is right. It’s time people realized nobody will ever win that arguement. Also, I really do enjoy your blog.

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