I was thinking today about race, and so decided to use the amazing tool given to me known as the Online Dictionary to look up the definition of racism. Here it is:


1. the belief that races have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others

Given that definition, I must admit that I am absolutely and unapologetically racist.

I cannot help but think of how beautiful a woman would be if she possessed all the superior qualities of every race….

She may have skin as dark as a moonless night like a Nubian Princess, or as pale as the brightest star, like a statuesque Scandanavian.

Her eyes would tell the most intimate secrets as you looked into them- maybe a bright Cerulean blue as the purest Aryan’s, perhaps delicately slanted like an Asian Empress’, possibly midnight black as a Spaniard’s.

Her lips would speak the softest words through lips as full and luscious as an African’s, and her tongue would roll the spoken consonants and gracefully as any Mexican.

Her hair could be a riotous mass of flaming curls, compliments of her Irish heritage, or perhaps ebony sleek due to her Hunan roots. It would of course be braided in the intricate and detailed micro-braids of her Liberian ancestors.

Her body! Oh, her body! Perhaps small and ethereal as those in China, perchance as tall and lean as those in Iceland. Her curves would rival any Latina’s anywhere- breasts round and plentiful with an ass to match, and she would stand proud and strong as any Amazonian chieftan. Men throughout the world would fall at her feet just to glimpse her delicately-shaped ankles.

She would possess hands stronger than any farm woman’s, a mind sharper than a Russian physicist’s, and her soul would be kinder than any found in an Amish community.

If there was such a race as this, how could we not believe we live in a beautiful world?


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3 responses to “Racist

  1. That’s the Sparkle that’s been missing for a while. Nice piece.

  2. This is a beautiful post.

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