Who doesn’t need a drink

after the Big Boss shows up

at work?


the liquor store is located

across the street.

How many times have I

looked longingly through the finger-smeared windows

during a crapper shift and thought

how much better work would be

if flasks were mandatory?

I sit for seven long minutes

trying to cross the street in my

yellow truck;


I’m wandering aimfully

through the wine aisle,

choosing my poison based on

how many proof the label advertises.

I’ve noticed the strongest alcohols

have ugly labels,

so I make a point to buy a

bottle of wine sporting

Norma Jean.



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4 responses to “Boozehound

  1. I buy mine based on how weak it is, sadly. I can’t hold my liquor.

  2. Yeah … every once in a while I have to ask our Compliance Officer to remind me why it is that we can’t drink at our desks. He NEVER thinks it’s funny.

  3. Awwww. . . .a bookwhore after my own heart!!! 🙂

  4. Wandering aimfully… that was wicked sweet…

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