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The Diary of Sparklebumps- June 1st, 1994

What came before..

We had the school picnic today. I got pop all over Ethan. I hope he’s not mad at me! We had jumping contests, and I skinned my knees. I’m trying to go on a mile walk every day. I’m really fat. And I want to get tan too. Maybe I will. I wish Ethan would ask me. (out) But I doubt he will now.


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The Diary of Sparklebumps- May 29th,1994

A continuation of yesterday.

We went to Auntie’s today. It was fun. Paul (my cousin’s friend) is kinda cute. When we got back, I actually got to hold my kittens. There (oops, they’re) so cute! We watched It’s A Wonderful Life, and I really realized how wonderful life is.


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