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Besmirch or Be Besmirched

I just got done typing up my version of The Red Shoes for H.E. Ellis, and was trying to think of something to post, when this word popped into my head: besmirch.

I said the word aloud in my head a few times- be-smirch be-smirch be-smirch- then said it in a quick and trolloping staccato- besmirchbesmirchbesmirch– before pulling it apart like taffy with the tendons of my brain- beeeeeeeeeeeee-sssssmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrch. I’ve decided this word is simply wondrous.

I must admit, I wasn’t exactly positive of the definition of said word, but I knew whatever it was, it wasn’t necessarily a good thing. So I looked it up.

Besmirch: to sully or soil.

Huh. Makes perfect sense why this word would be floating around in the rotten cess pool that is my mind. I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I am possessing of a dirty mind.

So, in order to besmirch your minds, I’m going to use this fabulous  word in some sentences.

I plan on besmirching my clothes when I go to work tomorrow, because my boobs most certainly get in the way to be besmirched by pizza sauce on a regular basis.

My Rockstar does NOT besmirch his undies with skid marks, because he is a clean and unbesmirched man, whose ass smells like flowers and dryer sheets.

My besmirched mind is full of enough imagination to besmirch YOUR minds just a little bit without you even knowing it.

I admit, my Rockstar and I besmirched the sheets a little last night. (Heh-heh)

Besmirch my newly cleaned yellow truck, and I will besmirch the pavement with your brains.

I urge you all to use besmirch in  a sentence in the next few days. I guarantee you will be smiling after.




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