Brain Babble

I have not blogged on my blog for many moons.

I’ve no excuses, unless you count moving into a new house, working two jobs, and trying to keep my new dishwasher empty. My brain is turning to mush, and since I’ve no specific ideas to post today, I shall simply write whatever thoughts are in my head at this moment…


I think I’m balding. It’s kind of hard to tell, since I never had thick hair to begin with, and some people might describe me as someone sporting a fivehead, (as opposed to a forehead) but I seem to be missing several of my kinky strands. Maybe it’s time to invest in some extensions. Except I’m not sure I have enough hair to make them blend.

I painted a dolphin on the bathroom wall tonight. It took a LONG fuckin’ time. Like, three whole hours. That was time I could have been watching The L Word, or American Horror Story, or any other show on Netflix that I’m behind on. Just think of how many hours I’ll be missing of Netflix while I’m painting the rest of the bathroom.

I wish I had a hot person to rub my shoulders and give me a massage. I suppose my Rockstar could be considered the hot person I have that could do this thing, but he is busy snoring right now, and wouldn’t be caught dead touching me in such a way. So if anyone has some boobies they want to press against my back, or perhaps a Chris Meloni, send ’em on over, please.

Shirley Temple is dead. So is Philip Seymour Hoffman. I believe Nicolas Cage may be next.

I have figured out that having a dishwasher is as much a pain in the ass as NOT having one. Who knew?

Here’s the funny thing: hedonism didn’t mean exactly what I thought it meant. It’s weird that it took a pastor bringing it up for me to actually look up the meaning.

Dollar store candles are not worth a whole dollar. Or even fifty cents. The flame went out on them before the lighter was even cold. WTF.

I really just am so sad that I have no more energy to blog, but, you know, one of these days….



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7 responses to “Brain Babble

  1. I have some boobies I will press against you… I mean, they aren’t mine… but…

  2. S.L.

    I would really like to see that dolphin painting 😀

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