You Are Beautiful

Fitting rooms are death.

As in, every time I enter a fitting room,

I die a little bit inside

when I look in the mirror.

This dress would look great!

If it wasn’t on me.

I think to myself.

It doesn’t seem to matter

that I flaunt a pair of plentiful breasts,

the sort of which many women would pay dearly for.

Or that my legs,

though considerably short,

are toned from hours and hours of

wearing heels,

or waiting on tables.

I climb out of the dress,

which is rather difficult

since I forced the zipper up

in hopes of making it fit.

I shake my head and vow

that I will not be undone by an

inanimate piece of fabric.

I dress in my own not-quite-so-fabulous attire;

I face myself once again in the mirror,

and repeat to the refection there

the words many men have proven to be true,

the words friends that only tell the truth have spoken,

the words I remind myself that I believe:

“You are beautiful.”



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14 responses to “You Are Beautiful

  1. Trust me, it happens to dudes too. Damn food being so delicious!

  2. You are beautiful, inside and out, and a true inspiration to many. I love you.

  3. Tanx for this post. Sometimes I do ask myself some questions like why am I like dis? Why dont I have long legs and oda sorts of questions. Seeing dz post has given me some reasons to love body and stop looking for faults.

  4. You’re speaking to my heart! I just went to my 20 year reunion. MY husband offered up a new outfit. I didn’t want to even dream of a fitting room…. but by the end of the night, it didn’t matter. Thank goodness!!

  5. wildmaiden

    you are beautiful we need to accept real bodies and real women!!

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