I’ll Ask You Only

Writer, teacher, student, daughter,

introvert, lover, poet, scholar.

All these describe you, but in the end,

I’ll ask you only to be my Friend.


A person who shares my deepest sorrows

and comforts me with fresh tomorrows.

One to who, I too, can lend a hand

when the ground around you is sinking sand.


Your passions, above all, I beg that you reveal;

and every stir of your soul they make you feel.

Your worries, also, please always expose;

my duty as Friend is to lighten that load.


Times of madness, times of brilliance,

ideas, wishes, dreams, experience.

Heavens and hells, comings and goings,

I pray you have these to overflowing.


The hurts will happen; don’t quake, Dear Heart!

They arise to make you more stalwart.

Without anguish, we would never see the Light.

Without pain, blessings wouldn’t burn nearly as bright.


The delights of your life I hope are so many

they drown out the heartaches you have, if any.

The tears you shed, some will be sad,

but with my help, joyful ones even more will be had.


We two, so different, and yet just the same

walk paths unalike, play contrasting games.

Our lives go on, ever changing, but in the end,

I ask you only to stay my Friend.











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8 responses to “I’ll Ask You Only

  1. Reblogged this on johncoyote and commented:
    Good words and thoughts. Please read and enjoy the words and thoughts of a talented writer.

  2. Strong and true words. A amazing poem.

  3. Amanda

    Also, it’s written by an amazing and beautiful woman.🍹😘

  4. Amanda

    You, truly are a wonderful, beautiful, brilliant soul! I really enjoy reading all of your writing and think it would be an honor to know you in real life. We think so much alike in so many of your writings, I love it. It’s like your in my head, or I’m in yours… Lol which is kinda scary for you😄…. Anyhow have a beautiful week, I normally do not get publicly mushy, but I just couldn’t help myself. That was an amazing poem.

    • Well, thank you for the PDA! It is nice to find a kindred spirit every now and then! Here’s the funny thing- the lovely the poem is written for first met me in blog world. So you never know who you might meet where… 😉

  5. You know who. ;)

    I love you to the moon and back! This has me bawling. After my day today, this was much needed. And you rhymed!!! And it is lovely and beautiful and amazing! Just like you!

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