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A French Fairytale

Bonjour, my Lovelys!

Today I have decided to tell you a French fairytale.

No, it is not actually a story originating from France, but having taken two years of French in high school (which I don’t remember) and having been inspired by the accent of my boss Frenchie, I decided I now know enough French words to at least partially entertain you in a Romance language. Don’t worry, I’m quite certain you will be able to understand….

He looked at you and foi (Once upon a time)

Sidenote: Frenchie was kind enough to let me know the French wording of this phrase. Unfortuneately, he was not specific on the spelling. So what you get is what it sounded like he said. All I have to say is- I want a guy to look at me and foi. It sounds amazing.)

there was a belle femme (beautiful girl) name Angelina Jolie (pretty angel) who liked cafe’ au lait (coffee with milk). She would go with her ami (friend) to the cafe’ (cafe) and eat croissants (croissants), exclaiming “Ooh lala!”  (Wow)

One day, a young garcon (boy) came in to the cafe and fell in love at first sight with the girl. He went up to her and bowed, saying, “J’e  m’appelle Pierre et j’taime, ma cherie.” (My name is Pierre and I love you, my dear). The belle femme was so flustered that she immediately jumped up and cried, “Pardon moi, monsier, (excuse me, sir) I must use the toilette (bathroom)!” and she rushed off to the John.

When she returned, she was distraught to find the garcon who had claimed his undying love to her was now , in fact, saying vulgar things to her ami such as “Oui” (yes) and “Voulez vous coucher avec moi?”  (Do you want to sleep with me tonight). Angelina threw her cafe au lait in his face and screamed, “Cochon!”  (Pig!) then she ran out of the cafe and into the street.

Through her tears, she did not see the big F-150 truck that was coming, and she nearly got run over when she tripped on a chat (cat). The truck screeched to a halt and a beau homme (beautiful man) stepped out and said, “Je suis desolez!” (I’m sorry) He then asked her if she would like to go to a discotheque (dance club) She smiled up into his ruggedly handsome face and said, “S’il vous plait” (Please)

La Fin (The End)


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