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Cum and Play

HR, you asked for it.

It has come to my attention that I have never exactly written about exactly how… sexually explicit I can be.

I find it highly entertaining to write dirty. (Because I do not at all find it entertaining to talk dirty.)

So, I have decided to give you all an idea of just exactly what I would do to get a man “in the mood.”

(Generally, taking off my shirt is all it takes, but that would be a pretty short post now, wouldn’t it?)

I would lift the man’s shirt off and run my fingers very lightly up his sides while running my tongue and then my teeth over his nipples.

I would then unbutton his pants, (elastic wasted shorts are actually best for this) and slide them down.

I’d slip his dick into my mouth and suck a little bit, moving it around with my tongue. Then run my tongue up and around the head, flicking my tongue as I do so. (I’ve been told this tickles- in a good way.)

While I’m sucking and licking and such, I’d run my other hand down to cup his balls, and lightly squeeze them before going down further and slipping them into my mouth.

By this time, I’d probably be pretty wet, so I’d start humping his leg -if he was sitting or lying down. (How very dog-like of me)

Now would be about the time I’d slip my shirt off to free up the boobies for some good titty fucking. Having triple DDD’s is very handy for this.

(Let us just assume that this lucky man hasn’t blown his load yet.) Then I’d slide up and situate myself on his lap…

I guess that’s enough for now. 😉 XOXO


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