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So. It’s about that time when I need to start thinking about what I’m going to be for Halloween. I realize it’s only February, and being the Libra that I am, I will certainly change my mind a thousand times before my favorite holiday, but it’s never too soon to start planning a fabulous costume…. Also, my costume choices come in categories, as you will see- because there are just SO many different things one can dress up as. Once I have a place big enough, I will no doubt throw a costume party monthly, but until then, I shall just have to continue planning future awesome costumes…

Costumes that give a nod to the cartoons of my youth:

Shera: I will tell you something now- Shera is frickin’ awesome, People! You have no idea how many hours I spent with my male cousins pretending to be Shera saving their equally-pretending He-Man asses. In all honesty, I preferred being He-Man back then, but since he lacks a shirt, I can’t exactly dress up like him for Halloween, now can I?

Smurfette: The only female in a sea of men…. it’s surprising how alike Smurfette and I are. Sadly, I have seen many renditions of a Smurfette costume, and no one seems to be able to procure the right shade of blue for their skin.

Miss Piggy: I actually thought of this one because I considered being Dolly Parton this past year, (that didn’t work out very well, because I was broke) and really, the only difference between the two is a pig schnoz. Also, I already have long purple gloves from my Jessica Rabbit costume. (How very green of me to re-use my costume accessories.)

Costumes I’d consider if I actually lost 40 lbs:

The Little Mermaid: The most beautiful of ALL the Disney princesses, (and the only one cool enough to have a tail) I would find it highly entertaining to scuttle around in a sequined tail and some seashells for the night. I also already have a wig that would work. Sadly, I’d have to work on my abs before I dressed as Ariel, otherwise I would more resemble her enemy Ursula.

Princess Leia in the Gold Bikini: I had to specify which Princess Leia there, because I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a Cinna-Bun hairdo. I would find it fascinating to dress up as 30-40 yr old men’s fantasies everywhere….

Catwoman: I would only consider this because the bull whip and the leather outfit would come in very handy the rest of the year.

Mystique from X-men: I think I subconsiously want to dye my skin blue… Anyhoo, you all know Mystique is the coolest X-man, her being basically naked and scaly and all. I’m not sure I could find anyone willing to paint me blue though… anybody?

Celebrities worth dressing up as:

Dolly Parton (The 80’s version): This doesn’t really need an explanation. I have the assets and I like to be sparkly and wear copious amounts of makeup.

Cyndi Lauper: I’ll take any chance I can┬áto dress up in a newspaper skirt and shave half of my head.

Lady GaGa: Because there are so many costumes to choose from. And it’s good to keep up with the current times, you know.

Michael Jackson (with the sparkle glove): Because he’s awesome (even though he’s dead) and a test on Facebook once told me I looked exactly like him. It would also be a good excuse to go around grabbing my crotch and shrieking, “Hee-Hoo!!!!”

I guess that’s about all I can think of for now, but if anyone has any awesome suggestions….


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