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A Period Piece

I have vowed that no topic shall ever be taboo on my blog; however, the following post for some reason completely makes me shudder. But I must ask the question that needs asking, because I truly am asking for opinions.

How truly disgusted are guys when they fuck girls that are on the rag? and

Is asking your boyfriend to fuck you while you’re bleeding out of your cunt just too disturbing?

As you may have figured out, I am suffering from that truly revolting sickness that plagues womankind every month. (For normal women, anyway.) I myself am lucky enough to only suffer the flow of moon blood every 3 or 4 months. (which sounds like a great thing, but actually results in horrific cramps not known by normal women.) Because of this fuck-up in my monthly flow schedule, my period tends to last much longer than it should, (as in usually 10-14 days, or a month on occassion.) Because horniness is a side-affect of bleeding out of one’s cooch, I find myself humping door-frames and other stationary objects.

Because my ex-hubby was pretty much disgusted by my non-hemopheliac pussy, the idea of sticking his boner into my bleeding one greatly disturbed him. And so, I fell into the habit of not expecting sex during these times. Now that I am with my Rockstar, I have grown too accustomed to being embarrassed of mentioning my being on the rag in the presence of men, so we generally do not do It either. (To be clear, I am not oneĀ of those girlfriends who leaves my man high and dry at these times; there is a reason I excel at blowjobs.)

I have asked several men their opinions on this subject, and have been met with a variety of answers- everything from “When I want sex, my girlfriend better be ready to do me, even if she IS on the rag,” to “My girlfriend’s on her period, so ew; there’s no sex this week.”

I realize that this would be a matter simple enough to clear up by just asking my Rockstar, but for some odd reason, this is something I cannot discuss face to face with someone I’m in a relationship with. The thought of it makes my face burn.

And so, I ask you, my Lovelys, to enlighten me. I expect to hear from EVERY man that is subscribed to my blog, as well as the women; because I entertain you daily with my (haha) wittiness, and this is my hour of need. Do I dare ask my Rockstar to fuck the bejesus outta me while I’m suffering from womanness, or is any bit of romance we have going to fly out the window if I do?


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