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An almost inaudible sound came from his throat when I did it, and I knew I had him. I felt his cock straining against the fly of his pants, but when my fingers pulled his zipper down, he moved out of my reach. His fingers slipped out of me once again, and his other hand left my breast. My body felt absolutely bereft from the loss of his touch, and I couldn’t help the whimper that happened to come. I should have known better.

Charlie demands complete control- during fucking and everything leading up to it. Not that he’s into S&M, though he isn’t above a playful bite or spanking every now and then. I mean that every move, every act no matter how small, must be his decision. He will allow me to undress him, but I am only permitted to once he decides it is time. To so blatantly disregard this rule sets the mood for everything that follows. I’ll tell you a secret: I didn’t forget on accident.

I watched his face in the mirror; I saw him struggling with the thought of breaking his own rule, and I held my breath, hoping he wouldn’t. I felt a moment of relieved anticipation when I saw his jaw firmly set, but I was not expecting what happened next.

His hands were on the neckline of my dress, and the next second, a bold ripping sound filled the silence as he forcefully tore my dress from neckline to hem. My Urban Decay’d lips formed a surprised “o” as I and Charlie looked at my now mostly-nude body in the mirror. I felt gooseflesh run up and down my skin in the split second before Charlie’s hand pushed my upper body down against the table in front of me.

He entered me roughly, but I was ready. So ready. His very first thrust left him so deep inside that I cried out, from pain or pleasure, or maybe a little bit of both. He withdrew, then again thrust himself into me. His hands gripped my hips, not gently, and I felt the familiar pleasure already beginning to rise in me. My right hand pressed against the mirror, causing it to fog there, and I pushed my rump ever so slightly into Charlie. I was immediately reprimanded with a welcome slap on my rear, warning me to stay still. His cock buried so deeply inside me, and the thrill of his spanking heightened my excitement; I wriggled against him, inviting another smack. The second one stung, and Charlie drove himself into me again and again, not waiting for me to further taunt his itching hand.

With every thrust, he reached the end of me, and my pleasure blossomed. I tried to move in such a way to prolong it, but my lover held me firmly in place, and was unrelenting. He knew what he did as he repeatedly pulled himself out of me and then pressed himself in again, hard and at an unwavering pace. It was clear he meant to punish me for my slip with his zipper, and I relished every moment until he pushed himself into me once again and pressed my hips harshly to him. He was as deep as he could go, and he filled me so completely that my growing pleasure exploded, and I let out a heartfelt moan. Charlie shuddered, and spent himself inside me. From my bent-over position, I could feel every throb of his cock. I used my inner muscles to squeeze him, and he moaned loudly before pulling back.

“Damn you, woman.” He said it because rough sex hadn’t been what he was in the mood for, but I couldn’t help giggling when he said it, because of the irony of his words. I made eye contact with him in the mirror, and when I saw the amused sparkle there, I knew he wasn’t really pissed.

I stood up as Charlie put himself back together and assessed my torn dress. There was no saving it. Damn. I hadn’t even gotten to wear it out in public yet.

Charlie eyed me, reading my thoughts. “I’ll call Nina and get you another dress, ” he assured me, and I smiled, because it amused me that not only did this man know who the designer of my dress was- he also knew her well enough to call her up out of the blue. Yet another reason to adore Charlie.

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So, one of my secret pasttimes is writing erotica for fun. I have debated on whether or not to share my smut writings, simply because I have relatives that read this blog, but then I thought, “What the hell? They’ve already read all the secret stuff I’d be embarrassed about.” After my little post on Exquisite Pain, I thought I’d share a little story that will help explain the allure. Here we go:

Linnea tipped her head back, the crimson scarf tied over her eyes obscuring her view, so she tilted her head for any sound that was an indication of what was to come. The anticipation hung in the air, heavy like incense, and Linnea’s muscles visibly tensed when she sensed a presence to her right.

A loud SMACK! resounded throughout the space, and Linnea let out a gasp at the unexpected spanking. Her arms strained against the silken scarves that held her wrists, but Jess had tied them securely, and there was no give. Her buttocks stung at the next blow, even as Linnea felt the spot between her thighs dampen with desire. The matching scarves that secured her ankles to the bedpost grew taught as she began to struggle after the third spanking. She pressed her hips to the bed, trying to alleviate some of the longing that was burning in her loins.

Jess watched in amusement, her nipples growing taught as she admired the rosy flush of Linnea’s backside where she had administered her discipline. She ran one perfectly-manicured fingernail up the back of Linnea’s thigh, her lips tilting in a half smile as she watched the goosebumps rise on her pale skin. Blushing Desire was the color of the nailpolish; Jess found that amazingly fitting. She ran her nails up Linnea’s thigh once more, exerting more pressure this time- hard enough to leave a pinkened trail of marks; hard enough to draw a whimper from Linnea’s lips.

Jess let out a pleased laugh from deep in her throat as she noticed the sheet beneath Linnea become wet with her desire. “How easily pleased,”  Jess thought, and she leaned forward enough that her whisper caused the tendrils of hair near Linnea’s ear to tremble with her breath.

“Little Pet, your desire amuses me.”

Linnea moved her head, trying to get closer to her lover, but Jess backed away. Linnea felt panicked for a second, certain that Jess had deserted her, but a moment later relief washed over her when she felt Jess straddle her. Linnea could feel the dampness of Jess’s own want just above her tailbone as she balanced there, and the brush of Jess’s taut nipples on her back as she leaned down to whisper again.

This,” Jess plunged her fingers into Linnea, “is mine.” Linnea’s whimpering grew louder as Jess’s fingers moved. Jess’s breath was hot on Linnea’s neck as she worked her way deeper into Linnea’s depths. Linnea felt Jess’s other hand part her buttocks, and a second later a finger plunged into her ass. Linnea squealed in surprise, and bucked wildly for a moment until she felt Jess’s hold on her nether regions tighten. The vice-like grip was still in place as Jess whispered again, “All of this is mine.”

La la la. I can’t give it ALL to you at once. 😉 XOXO


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