Spreading the Sparkle

Ok, I realize that considering what you all know about me, this blog title sounds excessively dirty. However, I would just like to state that I’m not spreading what you think I’m spreading, so get your mind outta the gutter!

I have written extensively about the many joys that come with being a Pizza Slut. Not the least of them is the constant pressure to be happy and friendly, even when you are ready to stab someone in the head. A prime example is the following:

There is an old man that comes into my store on a regular basis. He is crotchety and cranky and all the other words used to describe a typical Grumpy Old Man. The first time I had the pleasure of waiting on him, he refused to make eye contact with me, barked his order at me, and dismissed me from his presence by ignoring the fact that I was standing in front of him. I left his table with a smile on my face and one thought in my head-” It shall be my one and greatest accomplishment and goal to make that man smile.”

Now why in the world would I not detest this crank with every fiber of my being because of his rude and unacceptable behavior? Why, when my coworkers see him and groan inwardly at the thought of taking his order, do I instead grin foolishly and skip out to his table to procure his mealtime wishes? I will tell you.

Having an excessively active imagination, I have composed a story about this man, and the reasonings for his depressive behaviors. I have told myself that he was once young, (and probably just as rude and cranky) and was married to a beautiful and lovely-personalitied woman who had enough patience to deal with him. Sadly, (in my head) his wife died at a reasonably-young age, and he has forever since been pining for her and been growing increasingly bitter with the world. And so, in his defense, I understand his demeanor, for I would be very sad also and probably much ruder to people if my beautiful wife had died and left me alone in a world full of fools.

In past visits this man has made to my store, I have ignored his surly demeanor and smiled happily whenever he has come to eat. When he looks firmly in my non-direction, I thank him for his business and ask him to come back and see me sometime. When he refuses to acknowledge my service, (or my presence) I smile and tell him to have a wondrous day. My efforts have not been in vain, because although his face has not once twisted in such a way that may be mistaken for a smile, he now looks into my eyes when ordering, thanks me for my service, and actually formed a complete sentence this week instead of grunting to ask for a cookie. Perhaps it was my perserverance as a Customer Maniac that did it, or the fact that I have excessively large chest fruit to admire, but he’s been back three times this week to see me. I may be so bold to hoarde his almost attentions, because yesterday someone else sat him and he was his grumpy old self. He only became less so when I hurried out to express my happiness at his visit. I’m telling you, one of these days, he’s gonna smile….


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3 responses to “Spreading the Sparkle

  1. Awww, you are such a sweety. Now if you can just become rich and famous like H. E. you’l be able to buy that Mustang.

  2. He may listen to Every Breath You Take right before he comes to the store.

  3. Who knows? He may turn out to be one of those secretly rich millionaires who dies and leaves seemingly random people his money, all because they were kind. Either way, he is lucky to have such a nice soul as you to treat him kindly.

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