June 3, 1994


School got out today! I’m so happy. We had graduation tonight, and it was so funny. Afterwards, we went in the gym for cake, and me and Kelly talked. She’s going to Janet’s slumber party tonight, and she’s going to put one of Janet’s bras in the freezer! I was looking at Andrea (a senior) and Hannah’s ( another senior) pictures, and Andrea got her picture taken with Kevin (her boyfriend), and Hannah got her picture taken with David. I wish my picture taken with Ethan or Cory. Sigh. Maybe next year. Summer’s here!


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6 responses to “June 3, 1994

  1. Some American school schedules confuse me. Locally, elementary schools get out for summer, June 26/29. Secondary, perhaps a week earlier. Both resume the Tuesday after Labor Day. Don’t let H E josh you. You’re still a sweet kid. 🙂

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  3. You were such a sweet kid!

    On June 3, 1994 I brought my first child home from the hospital after nearly a week after giving birth to him. I didn’t sleep through the night again for fifteen years.

  4. Wait… they served cake in the gym???

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