Good Enough…?

I wish you a Happy Saturday, my Lovelys. As for myself, I cannot say with all honesty that I am completely joyous on this day. Let me explain…

I took my test to be a Manager Slut  that sounds bad. I took my test to be a manager of Pizza Sluts on Thursday night. The man who administered it was the boss of Frenchie, and from what everyone has told me, this man is quite terrifying. Needless to say, I was slightly nervous.

If I had thought about it for even a moment, I would have realized that I had nothing to be nervous about. After all, who wouldn’t love me? I do my job, (and well, I might add) I don’t fuck around (too much) when I’m at work, and I am completely charming and wonderful (I know, that’s a little stretch.) Anyhoo, apparently this manager man agrees with me, because he seemed to be flirting with me (I think) and after I passed my test, he informed Frenchie that I “am a gem and I completely impressed him, and that Frenchie should not let my talents go to waste because I most certainly will run circles around any of the employees we currently have.” I’m not sure how he got all that from spending a half hour with me, but- I guess that’ll do.

After speaking with Frenchie a bit more, I was happy to find that he is daily amazed with my performance and my general awesomeness. He also let me know that in the future, if I wished to run my own store, that would be an option. I drove home with thoughts of a $40,000 income floating through my head. (Yes, to you it may not seem much, but it’s almost thrice what I’ve ever made.)

I got home elated that I had so impressed my managers, and let my Rockstar know what Frenchie had told me. Instead of a smile, a hug, and a “That’s great, Honey.” (or Snookums or some other term of endearment) I got, “Well, that’s totally not enough money to be worth running your own store.” Fuckin’ A.

I may have mentioned my Rockstar’s attitude in the past about my lack of funds. That has seemed to be the main problem he has with me, since I’m (not to be cocky) fabulous otherwise. So you would THINK that when I told him I had the possiblity of making as much as he does, he would no longer find any reason to poo-poo me.

What was I thinking? How dumb of me.

What is frustrating now is that everyone seems to completely love me at work, and for the last week, I have come home to almost no affection whatsoever. Is it too much to ask that my Rockstar be happy for me, or give me a hug when I get home? I think not.

I may be over-reacting here. (I wouldn’t know because I NEVER do that), but it seems to me that no matter what I do, it will never be good enough for him.

I would like to point out that I KNOW that I am good enough for ANYONE, and his making me feel otherwise is just shitty.

I am saddened to find myself in a very similiar situation to the one I was in with my ex-hubby. To quote Martina McBride- “Maybe it’s just time to walk away, if I’m trying to find a reason to stay.”




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15 responses to “Good Enough…?

  1. I clicked “Like” because the test/interview went well. Of course you rocked that guy’s world, love, your dedication to doing the best job you can at your job shines through (even through the flirty attitude! hee…). Now, wouldn’t it be nice if our family/significant other could be as rocked by us as these strangers (and sometimes, strange) we work with? But no, their little insecurities pop up and freak out, thinking, “Hey, if she makes that much more, she might leave my sorry ass, and then I’d be so unhapp-er-pissed! I’d better tear her down so she won’t have any self-esteem, ah, there, now she won’t leave me!” Or, um, something along those lines…ack, I shouldn’t assume, just that that scenario has happened to me too many times!
    Hoping for ALL to work out best for you, oh shining sweetness!

  2. Surprisingly, Martina McBride is quite wise. So are you … you’ll figure this out. Congratulations on your great interview. You ROCK!

  3. Sparkle, good job on acing the interview and moving up in the world! If your rock star isn’t emotionally supportive of you and isn’t cheering you on in your successes then he really isn’t much of a rock star. You deserve better.

  4. Food Service is a talent that most can’t handle. Especially management. You spent most of your working world making people happy about eating where you work! It took me 8 years to get to that $40,000 and am very proud of myself. It is a good living! If he can’t enjoy your accomplishments with you and back your efforts. Maybe it is time to put all you got into YOU and give him a “Fuck You Attitude”. If working at Pizza Hut is something that makes him ashamed of you and thinks it’s stupid to work your way up, then I say again Fuck Him!

  5. All flirty banter aside, if this song lyric comes to mind “Maybe it’s just time to walk away, if I’m trying to find a reason to stay” then I’d say you should listen to that. Maybe with a new future opening for yourself, you might want to think about moving on. I’m willing to bet he’d follow. Just don’t sit around and wait.

  6. hrnightmare

    Hey you, yea I’m talking to you there the shiny one. Chin up, boobies out and rock the world like I know you can. And about the post congratulations on passing you test/inter-review thiningy

  7. Just shitty. I’ve been in situations before where I thought “oh God, just like my ex”. I found it horribly frustrating to think I may have ended up in a situation exactly like the one I tore my life apart trying to get OUT of.

    I hope ur not in that situation Mz Fabulous. Have you talked to him about it? May sound overly simple but you never know what a difference it could make unless you do it. Can also be scary, if ur guy is not exactly the sensitive or considerate type. Still, maybe worth a try?

    Wishing you the best.

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